The Print Team has been based in Golders Green North West London for 40 years. The Company is family owned and run since 1979 and is one of the leading print centres in the area.

Our experienced team operate the latest digital presses, print finishing equipment, traditional litho presses and large format machines. Having the availability of Litho and Digital print on the same site enables us to cater for all our client’s requirements.



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Our Print Processes Explained

There are a variety of printing options available to you from traditional Lithographic printing and Foil blocking to modern day Digital printing and Digital foiling. You will find information below about the techniques and finishes we offer at The Print Team


Lithographic Printing (Ink on paper):

This type of printing is where an image that you want to print such as logos, text and photographs is placed on a plate which is then covered in ink and used for printing onto a variety of materials ranging from 80gsm to 400gsm.  Lithographic printing is used around the world for printing brochures, books, business stationery, invitations and much more, because of the high quality results it is really something everyone should consider.

(The photos above show the process from plates and ink on the press to the finished printed item)


Thermographic Printing (An addition to Lithographic printing):

In this printing process, we use a clear powder, placed onto the wet ink while on the printing press.  The ink and powder is heated, producing a raised glossy finish to the ink, still in the inks’ original colour and then dries hard on the stock.


Digital Printing (Toner on paper):

Digital printing is made up of 4 toners (CMYK) which are dry powders pressed and heated onto paper ranging from 80gsm to 400gsm.

The benefits of this process is the fast turnaround, unlike Lithographic printing which is 2-3 days for drying purposes. Another benefit is that digital printing allows you to have short runs of booklets, brochures, invitations and business stationery which can be generic or personalised for individual requirements.


Foil Blocking:

Traditional foil blocking involves pressing metallic foil to material using a heated metal block. Once pressed you will find that the area does not only become foiled but is slightly indented due to the pressure and heat used. This printing process should be considered if you are looking for something involving intricate designs, luxurious and beautiful effects!


Digital Foiling:

Digital foiling is a similar process to foil blocking but does not require the use of a metal block. The foil goes directly onto the material using pressure and heated rollers. This is a more economical process and also allows smaller print runs with a faster turnaround. This printing is perfect for business cards, invitations and leaflets.


Embossing and Debossing:

Embossing is a three dimensional effect that emphasizes on a particular area such as logos, initials and patterns. This effect is produced by a metal block pressing into the material like a stamp. This can be combined with foil blocking, digital and lithographic print.

Debossing is the opposite, this is when an image is imprinted into the material rather than raised.


For more information and prices please do give us a call on 020 8209 2090 or email us on design@theprintteamgg.com


To view samples of each process you can find these images throughout our website pages or pop in to the centre and we can show you actual samples!




















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How to Create an effective Roller Banner

A roller banner is essential when advertising and promoting your business. These banners can be used at events, trade shows, exhibitions, shop floors and showrooms to convey messages and promote any new products you have to offer.


To generate the impact you want, it is important that your banner has the right layout. Therefore you do not want to overcrowd the design with loads of information and images. Using slogans and short sentences will help to convey your messages quickly and effectively… you want something that is short sharp and easy to read and understand!


In order for customers to take in all of the information quickly, we have a few tips on how to set up your design. It would be useful to have your logo at the top of the banner and the most important messages at eye level. Contact details and social media information can be placed at the bottom of the banner.


About colours, we would advise using two to three colours in CMYK. This is the specification for best results when printing.  When supplying the print ready file, remember to export it or save it as PDF at a resolution of 300dpi with crops and bleed.


Want to talk to us about colours, size of fonts, effective images, how big logos or would like a specifications sheet to show you how to put the banners together and supply artwork. Call us on 020 8209 2090 and we will be happy to help!


Don’t forget we currently offer Buy one get a second half price on Roller Banners, Giant Colour Posters A2 A1 and A0 and mounted boards. Please speak to us about this and all our other fantastic special offers.

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Introducing our Brand new services: Soft Touch Lamination and Digital Foiling

We are delighted to introduce our brand new services; Soft Touch Lamination and Digital Hot Foiling.


Our Vivid Matrix Metallic™ has been designed specifically for applying digital foils and spot-UV type effects easily and economically to a wide range of coated and uncoated paper stocks.


Foiling use to involve using die and traditional technologies to stamp the foil colour onto Cards and other paper stocks. Now we can use digital technologies to print and then foil with fast turnaround, a fantastic finish and more importantly more economical pricing than traditional foil blocking


Soft touch lamination adds that smooth velvet feel to your Business cards or other printed items.  It is a much more effective and nicer finish than normal Matt or Gloss lamination.


So next time you need to order your Business cards, Postcards, Function Stationery, Book Covers have a think about whether you want to stand out from the rest and Soft Touch laminate or Foil them.


Remember don’t just print it, Foil it too!



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